With a slightly cynical stab at topicality through a thinly-veiled Olympic theme, currently at level 69 and with 65% of XP to go, it’s looks like Wintersong is going to take the bronze for level-cap characters. Which is… which is to say, she’ll be the third.

I think it’s safe to say that life with a feral druid got a hell of a lot more interesting and fun from level 55 when the talent tree started offering Mangle, leading on to Omen of Clarity and the various new cat and bear powers that spanned the levels through Outland. Maim. Love it. Lacerate. Mmmm.

Prior to that she was just dotting along, doing her thing, with the exception of pre-level 20 and the arrival of Cat Form when I can still remember it being a nightmare of regular deaths, and I still do not speak of the Aquatic Form, to use a delightfully tame euphemism, troubles.

I’ve seen it written in a blog or maybe heard it in a podcast (could well be those Epic Dolls) that druid is a good class to advance to from hunter because, rather than having a pet, you get to become the pet. It’s a very good point, the cat lovers especially. That said, even though the levelling grind isn’t as fuss-free as the hunter (but then, seriously, which class is?), the flight form at 68 (yeep!) is a major deal-breaker. Despite an underwhelming flight speed when accustomed to the fancy-schmancy epic birds I have with my other 70s, the instant cast weighs in very strongly.

For example. Arriving at the flightpad in Telaar with the intention of smashing fifteen Tortured Earth Spirits in the basin below, leaping from the two platforms en route and switching to bird mere metres from the ground and then instantly to cat form to land neatly with Feral Grace and into Prowl had me going from arrival to action inside of ten seconds, and resulted in the whisper of “Geif flight form =D” from a probably terribly impressed human onlooker.

So yeah, level 70 coming up next, though I can scarcely believe it with the amount of time she was stuck, neglected at level 34 (big thanks to the Fire Festival there, I think), claws aching from the all-out war on Clefthoof Bulls for the Strength of the Clefthoof tanking set and Book: Gift of the Wild (Rank 3) happily waiting in the bank, the finish line is most definitely in sight, as is the realisation that the finishing line, like the cake, is a lie and a whole new marathon opens up.

Can’t wait.