A little time out to stretch Anj’s legs in the big old world and it struck me how close she is to exalted with the Netherwing. I should think one more day of quests, not even all of them and certainly not the totally annoying ones like “The Not So Friendly Skies…“, and I should be about ready for a Netherdrake mount. Oh, I’ll still rely on the Cenarion War Hippogryph (beautiful plumage), but you know, for special occasions or when I don’t mind my whole screen being taken up by the wingspan…

Also, because I like to keep myself bang on top of all new developments, I finally remembered to pop by the Skyguard camp in Skettis and get my adorable little Nether Ray Fry. Aaw, look at the little smasher!

While I was in the mood for checking out the stuff added in the last patch, I pointed Alysha’s rear-end in the direction of Sporeggar to have a look at that herb bag recipe and wouldn’t you know it, I just knew Primal Mooncloth would be involved somewhere in the recipe. Dang, yo, it requires a revered repuation and Aly’s only honored. Looks like there’s going to be some pretty hardcore Naga killing goin’ on in the very near future.