…And so Wintersong arrived at the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh, and there was much rejoicing. Druids, both tauren and night elf, were there, her people! It may not be home but it’s close enough.

But stood atop a mushroom by the inn was a level 40 human priest, no familiar exclamation mark above her head but greeting her with a hearty hello and she gave the quest.

“Will you escort me to Honor Hold?”

Sure okay, sounds like a fun challenge. Unlike your regular escort quests, the protagonist of this one can pull aggro in a mile radius around her and she’s not really equipped to help you fight although she can heal a little bit. Also, when game AI becomes advanced enough that you can have a conversation with the person you’re escorting, that will be a good time.

The ravagers that guard the path leading from Hellfire Peninsula to Zangarmarsh caused some problems, as did the boars and Fel Orcs halfway to our goal but, all in all, it was a fun ‘quest’. No XP was awarded other than the kills en route, but I was rewarded with 20g when we arrived at “Teh Hold”, a pretty good price even at level 70 standards. To be honest, the financial reward was gilding the lily, it was a lot of fun just doing it and the warm feeling of helping someone out was reward enough.

A search for the question raised by this, just exactly how far apart are Azeroth and Outland, came up with this pretty cool image, taken from around the Black Temple.

See, it’s stuff like this that makes the game so unbelievably cool. There’s a whole bunch of lore-speculation about it at this US WoW forums topic, but on it’s own it’s a wonderful image.

One other thing. Martin Martini and The Bone Palace Orchestra. That is all.