Yay! It’s a new patch! Boo! For some reason this has opened the floodgates for all kinds of bizarre new bugs. Huh? What the crazy hell is the point of the Public Test Realms?

Prize for the most fun new bug is a kind of talent-point enhancement of an existing one: Improved Bugged Mobs. Previously, you would encounter a bugged mobs, it would evade your attacks and you’d think, “Oh well, let’s move on to another,” but now the first part is the same; Swing! Evade! Only when you move on and take another mob, after about ten seconds the previously bugged one comes to its sense and realises, “Hey wait a minute! That girl over there just took a swing at me!”, cue the rolling up of sleeves and purposefully stomping over and now you have two to deal with and, well, it’s a drag.

And now all servers are down while they apply a hotfix of things that just didn’t come to light during the testing phase because, seriously, what is the point of Public Test Realms?

This sort of thing just irritates the hell out of me. While we’re on the subject, see the BBC moot their snazzy new iPlayer – You can still listen to any radio show you like within a week of it being broadcast (and I do), it looks prettier and has better search facilities. There’s even a pause button, just like the old one! Does this one work? No! What a ridiculous thing to ask.

Let’s look on the bright side. I have a bid on a pretty keen blue bow at the Horde auction house (2g!) with not much time left to go. If no-one can get on, ain’t not no-one fixin’ to be outbidding me.

(photograph by Piez and shared under a Creative Commons license)