In memory of the dearly retired, my Horde server has seen the introduction of yet another new hunter. I know, mad. Back in the early days, Tori the blood elf got as far as level 39 before swift, decisive action was needed against the horrible, surly demeanor of her people. Asking the Silvermoon city guards for directions to the hunter trainer and being brushed away with a sneering “Oh, you’re one of them,” stuck in my craw a little and I have to this day never forgiven them.

Then along came troll Joot and that was going well for a while until Pike wrote an excellent article on starting a new hunter, weighing up the pros and cons of all the racial abilities and, Horde noob that I am with a +30 resistance to simple research, I found out for the first time that the orcs get Command which gives an extra 5% of damage to pets! And here was I, supposedly happily settling for a measly +1% crit rate on the condition that I stayed loyal to The Bow Club (which, granted, I was highly likely to do).


Fenellafudge in black pants and white vest, like she's in Die Hard or something.

And so now there’s Fenellafudge. She’s an orc and staunchly proud of it. But why the name, as precisely no-one has asked yet as much as I’ve wanted them to? Fenella Fudge could well be the greatest name in the world, helped along by the fact that it actually exists attached to a real person, she’s a newsreader for BBC Radio 2 and, apparently, such inspiration for names isn’t random enough given that I discovered someone else using the name while searching the Armory! Undead warlock, if you please!

Orc Fenella has a pet cat called SallyTraffic (obviously) which was going to be a raptor but they only eat meat and, for some reason, I have an urgent need for at least one character per server to be able to fish.

So here’s the plan. Girlpants and Wintersong (with companion Bupu) are fast approaching Outland time whereupon they are going grab a couple of weeks of hard-earned rest so as to enter that brave new world all fully rested up and ready for action. I have until then to get Fen up to Joot’s level of 29 so she can join in the fun with Bupu’s blood elf priest in the Alliance-Haitus Magical Hordathon. So far, with just over sixteen and a half playing hours under her belt, she’s at level 17 which, seriously, isn’t all that bad.