Another Wednesday, still no sign of the patch and so G-Pants and Winters make the journey to their respective capital cities to buy their mounts at full price. Damn your coquettish teasing, The Blizzards!

Winters only has eleven levels to go until she gets to buy an upgrade, and fourteen thirteen for The Pants.

Progress report on Girlpants’ Enhancement adventures: Quite enjoyable, I like the Stormstrike particularly, not to mention the Quad Damage-esque result for overall DPS. Also, being at “that level” now, I can look back to when Anj gathered the majority of the Gryphon Mail armor and then started regretting ever throwing it out (for ’twas a fab outfit), I have made it my mission to get Pants kitted out in the same gear again.

So far, the crazy, naked-profiteering cost of 100g on the Auction House has secured her the breastplate and belt, maybe Alysha offering Maraudon boosts will get more, who knows? Orange feathers are the new black.