Want to know one of the things I like about the shamans? While the world bustles on inside Stormwind, the Shaman trainer chooses instead to sit herself out in the Valley Of Heroes by the lake. Let the rest of the world rush around as if it’s going to end in five minutes, she’s just sitting there, enjoying the scenery and occasionally dispensing shamanic wisdom to those who stop by to visit. It’s one of them tiny, little things that makes a big difference, in fact many is the time I’ve sat with her for a spell to enjoy a snack and the light, relaxing rippling of the water, far from the madding crowd. Because even on a normal server there is nothing wrong with mixing a little bit of R in with your P. It should happen more often.

And so it came to pass that Girlpants made her way to that very same location, tail between her legs, and requested to unlearn all of her talents. “My child,” gasped Farseer Umbrua (for it is she), “You were so happy with the elemental arts, why the change of mind?”. Girlpants sank to the floor and sat with her head in her hands, “I’m just not getting the armour I need, Umbrua,” she finally replied after a heavy sigh. “All of my spiritual sisters, the hunter, the druid, the rogue and even the warlock found it very easy to be clothed and fed purely on the quests available throughout the world. Even with little time available to band up with other adventurers and take a trip into the dungeons, they were never left wanting for decent clothes that enhanced their abilities and matched their level. I’ve just returned from a particularly messy encounter over in Tanaris, fighting pirates. Oy, you don’t even want to hear that story…”. Though it was being fought back with probably the same ferocity she had shown the pirates, Umbrua could see the mid-afternoon light hit the beginnings of a tear in the corner of her student’s eye but she chose not to mention it.

The elemental spec is a much-maligned one for levelling, and it is true that of all the quests I’ve done, the majority of Teh Pants’ gear was still leather, her spell crit chance was a little above 6% and her bonus spell damage was 6. She even had boots and a belt made of cloth! Feckin’ cloth! You still can’t move for mail rewards that suit the adventurer more interested in agility over spell-damage. I know from all the “Psh! Shaman mail!” comments I made with Anj working through Outland that there’s decent gear to allow the growing shaman a few more options out there. But for now it’s twin axes in people’s faces. Boo!