Zul’Farrak was the staging ground for Wintersong’s second big tanking adventure and wouldn’t you know it, I’m quite enjoying the role as well as learning vital lessons about what a tank has to deal with regarding cocksure DPS members. It hurts more than a little that the class I’ve had the most trouble with so far is the hunter and, yes, part of me is thinking “Well, you know, they’re just making the same mistakes that I did, granted not at ZF level and totally not multi-shotting around sapped mobs but still, show a little patience,” while another part of me won’t have any of it.

This blog may have become more of an alt.place these days, but I’m still a hunter at heart, I still adore the class and I still won’t put up with any reasons to keep the term “huntard” in existence. The next hunter I see doing any more than two melee swings is going to be on the receiving end of a Feral Charge. Preow.

The good part of the whole ZF experience was, having just slipped into level 48 the night before going to the top of Zintha’Alor for the Mallet, the combined XP total of one and a quarter runs (server restart forced the quarter) and seven quests to complete while in there took me all the way to 49. Hail to the night! The easiest level I’ve ever completed. I even managed to impress myself and the healer by having Innervate easily accessible even when shapeshifted to cast during a particularly bad pull before going back to bear. Not bad for a beginner, even if I say so myself.

WoW Insider has an interesting piece about the expectations of women in WoW, the glass ceiling, the opinions of stupid boys, the Don’t Make Me Put On My Feminist Hat… It deserves reading.