I’m told with a certain degree of confidence that the new patch will be applied this Wednesday, and not before time. With Wintersong at 42 and Girlpants now at 40, the whole issue of mounts at level 30 turned out to make very little difference for me, although both characters are still relying on their own feet for travelling because it would be crazy to ignore the price drop. It also means, with G-Pants being draenei, that I get my first ever elekk mount which I’m quite excited about. I love the way they jump, they look so cute.

It got me thinking though: Is there a town anywhere in the world (for some reason I’m imagining America) called Moot Pointe? Serious contender for the award of Second Best-Named Place In The World, after Nova Scotia. There must be only two roads leading in to Moot Pointe, both of which being the same distance and complexity. “Which exit do you want to take into Moot Pointe?” “I don’t know, any. It doesn’t really matter”.