Two chunks of interesting news over at WoW Insider for hunters, here’s a bite of one:

“One of the other major complaints of Hunters is the lack of pet diversity. It is generally expected that if you are min-maxing, you will go for a Cat, Ravager, or Scorpid and nothing else, because they are the only pet families that have the right combination of ability and DPS to get their jobs done. Some pet classes, like Sporebats, languished due to a complete lack of useful family skills.

“That will be changing in WoTLK, as the pet skill system is being done away with for a pet talent system. Every pet family will have a set of talent trees, similar to player characters: A Utility tree, a Tank tree, and a DPS tree, which will contain unique abilities for each family.”

Oooh. Maybe. I dunno, something about it sounds like a wind-up, but we’ll see. As far as I’m concerned, all Lich King announcements are to be served with a pinch of salt in a handy sachet.

(photograph by StrudelMonkey and shared under a Creative Commons license)