The fact that I never expected a class to be as fun as hunter for levelling showed little more than a staggering lack of research. To be a shaman is to be almost stupidly overpowered that it’s not even funny, except… well, it is funny. And tons o’fun! Twas only yesterday while en route to Badlands for a Uldaman boost that I was challenged to a duel by a level 45 rogue. I accepted, given that PvP is something I badly need practice in and, well, the upshot of the event is that the rogue fled the duel with about 20% health. Are you stealthed? Not while I have a Magma Totem lying around, you’re not. Can’t believe she actually ran away…

Out in Dustwallow Marsh with Bupu and Verity (priest and paladin respectively) we were on the trail for some Murloc heads to satisfy some ogre, and had one of those moments where two people simultaneously decide for themselves that they will pull the next group of mobs which just turns out to be two separate groups and, before you know it, we’re surrounded by about ten to fifteen Murlocs.

Listless at first with that resigned sense of “We’re not going to survive this!”, we quickly gained some kind of consciousness, Verity hit Consecrate, I dropped a Magma Totem (my favourite totem) and burned most of my mana on Chain Lightning and Shocks while Bupu threw out the DoTs and heals. Before you know it, we were surrounded by about ten to fifteen dead murlocs. Like a water slide on a hot day, “Let’s do it again!”. Turns out that shaman, priest and paladin actually makes for a pretty shatterproof team.

Discount Totem Warehouse

Totems, though. Oy vey. Where does one put them all? My action bars are desperately in need of a serious reorganisin’, I have my most common totems easily reachable but as soon as I need some of the more situational ones, I’m lost. The best hint I’ve had so far is to make a bunch of castsequence macros to set down combinations of air, earth, fire and water but I’m not keen on the idea, when I tried that with my warlock’s DoTs it was fine for some of the time but lacked any real flexibility to make it worthwhile.

So I’m thinking about bringing the numeric keypad in for the job, a 3×3 block of keys with air, earth and fire taking a column each and… finding somewhere else for the water. It’s then simply a matter of having various three-figure codes to suit (almost) any situation. It sounds pretty good in theory, but that theory has a wicked sense of humour sometimes… We’ll see.