I was woken up this afternoon today by an attempted call from Bupu wanting to know if I fancied joining her in doing an instance. I got this information from the text after the call because, one, my ring-tone is Homestar Runner singing “Everybody Knows It” and it’s a fun song so I kept my eyes closed through it and, two, no-one needs to hear my Forsaken NPC morning voice. “Helloooo? What would you ask of death?”.

Anyway, it turns out that I can’t get on to Talnivarr, which is just plain weird because I know for a fact that Bupu’s connected fine and she’s having a great time. Probably. Chromaggus connects without any problems but psh! That’s the Horde server, currently filed under “CBA TBH LOL”.

So there we go. Alliance denied. Bums. Elsewhere, Pike has written a great article on the ways and means of people being creepy in MMOs forming a kind of “What Not To Do” guide for raising your rep with the faction “Women”, and TyphoonAndrew’s Swearjar is getting dangerously close to the “That’s Putting My Kids Through College” status. I’m going to try the server again and if that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll just shoot up heroin. How would you like that, The Blizzards? ;)

Don’t ask me why I said it. Because I already forgot.

Today’s Top-Corner Picture is something I did with the intent of working it into the masthead somewhere, but it never looked right and, well, I’m not wasting it! On the subject of pictures, I’m going to turn the WordPress Snap Shots “feature” off because it’s far too annoying. Is there a way to get Wowhead item tooltips into a regular, free WordPress blog? Anyone?