Okay, so I might be alone in thinking the Tier 5 hunter garb is hideous to look at (oh, but it so is). Maybe it wouldn’t look quite so bad with a hidden helm and those… things… on the shoulders chucked right in the bin where they must surely belong. Look! They’re even strapped on! With belts, probably found laying around the workshop floor! Does anything scream “unfortunate afterthought” louder than that? But I digress, the 2-set bonus:

(2) Set: Causes your pet to be healed for 15% of the damage you deal.

…just looks so deliciously pumped full of the awesome. I’m maintaining a near-perfect ignorance of most Lich King details because I like the surprises and the giddy anticipation when finally installing it, but if this were to turn up as a three-point talent for 5/10/15% damage-based healing on the Beast Mastery tree, I’d have no complaints. Hecks, you could even make it 4/8/12% if you liked and I’d still send multi-hugs and cotton sock-blessings aplenty.

Come on, The Blizzard! We need this! And not just us, think of our poor healers!