As has been said about a week ago, I’ve started plugging away at Alysha again. Being a Scryer and with very little playtime attention it’s not much of a surprise to learn that she’s just hit exalted with her chosen faction. Anj, being Aldor, has /played time for level 70 that far surpasses all the time spent between 1 and 69 and is still struggling to get through revered. That’s the dictionary definition of “imba” right there.

Okay, I’ll admit, any and all Arcane Tomes and Sunfury Signets that Anj came across on her many travels were posted straight across to Alysha but, honestly, I swear Anj could go from hated to exalted with Scryers within a few weeks. In return, for the quest rewards that give the choice, Alysha has been selecting the Aldor packages to help her night elf half-sister out a bit. That’s just basic manners.

So now Aly’s got some shiny Runic Spellthread stitched into her pants and a fancy trinket to replace the very old and awe-inspiringly useless (at least for a warlock) Power Infused Mushroom. Quite why I even equipped that in the first place is, frankly, mind-boggling. A nice boost to spell damage overall, particularly after a first warlock trip to Magister’s Terrace ended disastrously with several wipes between the penultimate boss and final mobs just before Kael’Thas. My weak DPS killed us all!

Next up, no slacking on the Quel’Danas dailies and, with hard work and dedication, that Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen will be mine! We will go to the ball!

Later edit: Okay, yeah, okay, yeah, the +10% reputation gain for humans takes some of the credit but still, seriously, if you’re scryer and have been for more than a month, what the hell is wrong with you? ;)