Sunday 25th May, officially one whole year after handing in the completed guild application form for Avenging Angels, a suitable enough day to throw up our collective hands and say “Look, this raiding guild thing, it’s not working is it?”. Not exactly the traditional birthday celebration technique.

Raid disappointments notwithstanding, the blame lays squarely at the feet of my basic inability to run a raiding guild. At the start, all I wanted was a chance for me and my friends to chat while playing solo without having to be in some kind of mad intercontinental party. That’s pretty easy to manage, all you have to do is log in! Anything outside that I have no sort of experience about. At all. It’s a pretty good sign if your best efforts can’t even fill up a ten-man (or woman) group for Karazhan. We used GroupCalendar, raid times were posted on there with the chance for others to sign up and yet every raid that was planned either had to gather PUGs or not happen at all. What more should I do, short of asking every guild member individually and maybe perhaps getting them dressed in the morning too? See, I’m not the guild-running type.

Leadership has been passed to my bank character and the guild is going to lay dormant for a while, maybe perhaps kick it off again with the release of Lich King. In the meantime, I’m going to go somewhere else for a bit and be able to just do stuff without the fiddly organisation stuff beforehand. Give me a raid time and I’ll show up. Easy peasy.