Having spent some time recently in the midsts of discussion about the employment-like monotony of the daily quests, I found myself sitting by the monument in Quel’Danas today, halfway through the available quests in the area and enjoying a Warp Burger in-game and a coffee and a smoke in Real Life when it struck me, oh my god, this is a lunch break! Hey, maybe this stuff is like having a job after all!

Well, okay, so I think it is like work, albeit still a hell of a lot more fun than any job I’ve ever had, doing my duty for my people and kicking demon bottoms after clocking in. It was quite a cute moment, so I made it last a few minutes longer. I set about drinking a Purified Draenic Water, gave kitty a treat of Kibler’s Bits and watched the world go by before getting up and going back to work. Because you know these demons flat-out refuse to kill themselves. I know, I’ve tried asking them.

Aaaw, it was one of my many special WoW moments and recommend that everybody take some time out from the daily grind to maybe find a park bench and just enjoy life. It’s not all war, war, war! (Some of it is craft, craft, craft).