Tab-selecting, oh how I wish it worked sometimes, maybe a little more predictable in its operation and a little less… unpredictable. Skills, gear and organisation are all good things, but tab-selecting can be a raid killer!

So I had an idea for an add-on, but with no abilities to actually make it, it shall remain just an idea unless, of course, something like it already exists. I’ve had a brief scout around but found nothing like it.

So here it is, and I’m choosing the name KillOrder, whereby the raid leader (or head-marking person) sets the kill order as they usually would, but then this order appears as a visual bar on the screen to all other party members. Then, tab-selecting cycles through the agreed order in turn, wheresoe’er they may be. All I’m saying here is that, as a ranged class, when a mob is surrounded by any number of melee-types, any other sort of targeting is both difficult and impossible.

Maybe it could also allow keys to be bound to individual symbols. I press “T” and I instantly target the mob I’m charged with the job of trapping, press it again and we go to the current kill priority.

To the clever peoples who can actually do this sort of thing, you’re welcome to my fantastic idea! :)

(picture by sota767 and shared under a Creative Commons license)