Having a levelling hunter at the same time as one that is all growed-up, I’ve been tripped up too many times by not having everything on the same button. I’m used to where things are so much that I still press 4 for Kill Command on every critical strike despite being about forty levels away from actually getting it for Joot.

So I’m popping this here, to be able to synchronise both hunter’s action bars. A few explanatory tooltips have been added in case of any perverse interest from the few people that swing by here. Hi y’alls! I love you!

Does anyone else like to see other people’s UI set-up? It’s like bookcases, I love looking at other people’s bookcases. Along with hundreds of other forms of storage, it’s a testament to the inherent uniqueness of everybody in a world that wants everybody to think everybody else is the same. Ahem. The main action bar bit at the bottom is SpartanUI, isn’t it beautiful? Yes it has flaws but, hey, beauty without flaws isn’t beauty!