There I was, idly dotting around Shadowmoon Valley clearing up a few Netherwing dailies when a polite request to help a level 67 warlock popped up on the general chat channel, nary a “plz” nor “plox” in sight. That sort of thing will get my attention because I’m a shameless grammar fascist (apparently) and so I asked for an invite before asking what quest it was. “Wanted: Uvuros, Scourge of Shadowmoon“. Okay, we can do that, we’ll need a healer though. My kitty can do the tanking but Mend Pet alone won’t be strong enough to keep her alive.

Before very long we had a level 70 healer invited and then came the bombshell, “You’ll pay for repairs if we wipe?”. *blink* *blink*. Amazingly, the warlock agreed and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was busy keeping control of my mount I would have chipped in with “Well, you don’t need to pay me for repairs because a single wipe isn’t going to be that great, perhaps, at most, half the reward of a single daily quest”. This was certainly what I was thinking.

The miserable skinflint! She left the party at our destination with a cry of “we got no chance”, but we managed to get a kindly pally who successfully kept my cat healed while me and the warlock took down Uvuros without a single problem. “No chance” indeed. Some of these kids nowadays need a good slap upside the head and a firm advice on how to belt up, no kiddin’. And just look how old they’re making me sound!

I bumped into the warlock again a little later on, while I was killing Felboars for the glands to poison orcs with. I helped her kill a bunch of them (she needed twenty of them dead) and then, because I was in the mood, sifted through The Sketh’lon Wreckage for some pages of a journal she needed too. ‘Twas my good deed for the day and not once did my dry-cleaning requirements worry me.

(You’ll notice this post assumes that the repair-shy player is a child when, okay, there’s nothing to suggest that this may actually be the case. However, using “kid” as a reference to maturity and responsibility rather than actual age, I think I’m on pretty safe ground. So there). :P