SpartanUI, despite it’s unnecessarily unhelpful points, continues to stick around although it’s helped a lot by a couple of add-ons take the strain of the jobs that are sadly lacking. Namely Satrina Buff Frames and AzCastBar, they cheerfully make two of the features that Spartan boasts, oh, what’s the word, visible. When you’re fighting a raid boss, “At-a-glance” is your best friend!

And so, my personal buffs and debuffs are back at the top of the screen, getting in the way of no-one and squeezing a steady shot between auto shots now no longer requires the danger of “square eyes from sitting too close to the telly”.

And hurray! I finally saved up my hundred badges for a Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard! Trouble is, as compared to Hauberk of the War Bringer, it’s not quite the upgrade I expected. It turns out that the high-falutin’ reports from RatingBuster were not counting the gems. Hauberk has three sockets, Drakeskin just the one. Boo! Yes, it’s still an upgrade but is, at best, negilgible. The kind of upgrade that is worth the work put into gathering a hundred badges? Perhaps… not. Sometimes I make bad choices.

It looks better! So it was badges well spent then.

(photograph by The Adventures of Kristin & Adam and shared under a Creative Commons license)