Finally saved up enough money to buy a Cenarion War Hippogryph and, yes, I’m very pleased with him even though, despite definitely having feet, he never seems to bother using them. Weird. I can imagine if I had wings my feet would get a lot less usage, but completely eschewing them would be madness. Am I looking at this in far too much detail?

Okay, so it’s not as fast as the Netherdrake but not as stupidly huge either, and a whole lot prettier. Besides the regular speed of 280% (+8% Animal Handler) makes it possible to fly to Firewing Point, circle around getting the hoity-toity blood elves all riled up and then zooming off, being chased by three or four shadow bolts. Provided you don’t get hindered by lag or maybe even a tree, they never can catch up with you, in fact a few right-angled turns are necessary in order to close the distance a little.

Getting a shadow bolt from Terokkar to Netherstorm shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

One question though, how come Horde are allowed to fly them as well? Psh! Something not quite right there.