Back in the days of GTA: San Andreas, there were audible squeals of delight when I discovered the “innovative” camera item for taking screenshots. In the many months I spent with that game exploring every single nook, cranny and easter egg (as well as proving, time and time again, why I should never be allowed behind the wheel of a real automobile), I think I racked up more time with the camera in-hand than any weapon.

And so, with greater draw distance being the source of unending impressment, we return to those halcyon days with a mini-gallery entitled “Got Any Ideas For The Cover Of The New Yes Album?”.

Did you know that from the Cosmowrench flight master it’s possible to see the imposing structure that is Tempest Keep looming over the shattered land? You did? Well, I didn’t. My apologies to Blizzard for spending so much time too underpowered to appreciate this until now.

Friday screenshots are a supremely overused blog ‘feature’ I’ve noticed. But, Sunday screenshots? That could work. That’s… innovation.