Talnivarr’s progress on Sunwell Isle has moved up to taking the armoury, with three more daily quests to enjoy. Bomb some ships, kill some blood elves and collect some ore from chests, it’s all pretty easy but, given that it’s a PvP server, the real challenge comes from doing them while not dying thanks to the Horde that seem to hang around all day, every day, (seriously, I’ve taken names and there’s about three that are ever-present) and go for the undignified easy kill while their target is in combat with something else. So brave! So heroic!

So imagine my glee when, during the Sunfury Battle Plans daily, I came across a blood elf paladin with a name I recognised. “Why, that’s the hoity-toity bitch that killed me this morning while I had two other mobs to deal with! Why, I appear to be getting a steady shot ready!”.

It was a long battle, hunter vs. paladin always is, but vengeance was mine, bwa-ha-ha. And at least I waited until she was done fighting other mobs. See, that’s how it’s done! Now take your ill-gotten honour points and shove off, emaciated paladin lady. The sight of her regaining her body, mounting up and flying away from the area, with nary even a return attack was such sweet joy. Aaw, bless.

Standard disclaimer: Any Horde players reading this, of course I’m not so naive as to think that the Sunwell Isle cheap kills are limited to Horde. Alliance has it’s very own stock of PvP-useless weasels.

As for Shattered Sun Offensive reputation, I’m around 25% away from exalted. And then I can have a look at that attack power upgrade for my Alchemist’s Stone. I’m not sure though, 108 attack power is very tempting but at the cost of +15 to all stats when the only one I don’t really use is Strength? Hmm. I’ll have plenty of time to think about that in the time it’s going to take for me to get the two Nether Vortexes I need to make it.

Vortexes? Is that right? It… It doesn’t look right.

(picture by Netream and shared under a Creative Commons license)