Reports of pigs flying and Satan browsing the chunky knitwear abounds, the guild planned our long-awaited trip to Karazhan and, blow me tight, we actually went, albeit with a couple of PuG members and an ex-guild member turned Black Temple-level balance druid to fill out the ranks since there are certain people for whom reading the MotD is just too much like hard work.

After initial problems, we managed to swim through Attumen the Hunter, Moroes and Maiden of Virtue by the time it became too late for some people and we called it a day but it certainly wasn’t the ultra-difficult gaping maw of hell that everyone seems to make it out to be. It’s quite pretty inside too!

Now we’re like kids at a waterslide park and, dammit, we’ll scream a tantrum if we don’t get to go again. We have to wait until next Wednesday now though, since one of the PuG members we took joined another group and cleared it which kinda ruins it for us too for reasons that I don’t fully understand, but there you go.