III. Idiot.

We loves our portal from Shattrath to Quel’Danas, and we’re more than happy to pitch in and collect the mana cells to keep it. And so, touching down in Bashir Landing, the random killing of Ethereals began. Now, either the drop rates for this (and, while we’re at it, the Sunfury Attack Plans) had seen some kind of nerf shortly after the launch or I just got really lucky the first few days, I was patient at first. But after the better part of fifteen minutes spent on what was tantamount to genocide, no phasing device was dropping. Was I going mad? Was I in the right place? Seriously, I checked. On a whim I checked my quest log.


In my hyperactive willingness to help out, I’d completely forgotten to pick up the quest. The Sunfury elves on my next dailies port of call gladly felt the full brunt of my huffy attitude.

II. Second.

In no small thanks to the countless runs of normal Botanica to get my Beast Lord Cuirass, a PUG heroic run today popped my reputation with the Sha’tar up to exalted. Yeep! That’s two ticked off, it looks like the next one to see a glorious full bar will be Cenarion Expedition. Of the instance itself, mental note to myself: Pulling aggro to trap a mob from a paladin tank in love with Consecration is nigh impossible. The number of blue square-marked mobs that I killed whilst just trying to get them to show me some attention was… Well, it was a silly number.

I. First

My first Badge of Justice gear! Goodbye Cloak of Malice, hello Blood Knight War Cloak! Mmm, yummy. Some have remarked that it’s not the coolest-looking cloak in the world but here’s a trick I’ve employed since level 5 or something: In your interface options, find “Show Cloak” and uncheck it. They all look pretty stupid if you ask me (doubly so on the Draenei, where the tail gives it that oh-so-attractive Dilbert curl), and completely impractical. Did no-one see The Incredibles?