With the savings approaching 4500g, a relief package of 750g was sent from bank-chick supreme Cherrytea to get the process moving a bit. It’s these little bursts of emergency pocket money that make having a bank character such a nice idea. Behold:

Now, with my “Amount Of Money Spent In One Day” record not so much broken as shattered into a fine powder, I can safely say that it was totally worth it. Just herb-farming alone has seen a productivity-boost more than three-fold! As for the flying mount dailies, they’re definitely faster even though by the time I’ve moved from one target to another, the cooldown on whatever bombs I’m using is still chugging away. But watch me laugh like a maniac as I zip between the three Skyguard Prisoner spawn points and locate him with zero fuss!

Also: Magister’s Terrace again. Kael’Thas dropped Hauberk of the War Bringer. Joot, yay me. Have you seen my flying mount though? Look! The accessories match my hair colour!