Yes, it was exactly a year ago that a friend decided to dive back into WoW with the expansion and, upon hearing that I was currently enjoying Dungeon Siege 2, handed me his guest pass and advised I give it a go.

I never looked back, except… Okay, perhaps this technically classes as ‘looking back’, but I digress. I now stride around the world with a keen, assured confidence and actually know about things to do with the lore, a far cry from that first night when I was lead to Stormwind only to ask why my picture was flashing and I had “zzz” where my level number should be, hilariously under the impression that I’d done something wrong and broken it. Aah, the times spent only logging off after laying down on a bed in an inn, convinced that it would maximise my rest time, the crazy amount of food I wasted spam-feeding my pet until the green smiley face icon came back, and that first rogue that had no idea what green items were choosing instead to use white, vendor-bought weapons.

I thought it might be fun, in a scary way, to make a note of “the scores on the doors”. Damn that /played command. The figures for Anj, Alysha and Cherrytea are going inaccurate by a small smidgeon given that a whole day has passed since I decided to add this bit and they’ve seen varying degrees of attention in that time, but you get the general idea.

Anj (hunter 70): 48days, 20hours, 36minutes, 29seconds

Alysha (warlock 70): 37days, 3hours, 19minutes, 44seconds

Caitlin (rogue 52): 9days, 16 hours, 35minutes, 51seconds

Wintersong (druid 35): 3days, 22hours, 2minutes, 25seconds

Girlpants (shaman 24): 2days, 5minutes, 57seconds

Cherrytea (paladin 1): 1day, 20hours, 18minutes, 28seconds.

Add all that together and… On second thoughts, don’t. Some boxes are best left unopened.

(cake photograph by PinkCakeBox and shared under a Creative Commons license).