Finally! Finally! And, for a third time, finally managed to complete Magister’s Terrace on normal difficulty. Two chaotic attemps that stand as a testament to the dangers of PUGs fell apart either at or just before Kael’Thas due to in-party bickering and, yep, I’m going to say it, boys that overdose on testosterone and seem to think they’re Chuck Norris. Note to self, if I’m in a group again and one of the party members says “Make your own way to the instance, faggots!”, I’m going to leave straight away and save myself the inevitable repair bills.

Words of the day are “crowd” and “control”, written over and over again. I can’t think of another instance where the trash mob pulls have been more difficult and draining than the bosses. Between them lies a veritable endurance course of trapping, sapping and stunning to keep the number of mobs active at any one time to a minimum.

I felt slightly bad that I was the first to die during the Kael encounter, having survived pretty well for about 25 seconds of the zero gravity effect, ducking, diving, dodging and weaving around the energy balls only to be pranged from underneath while cornered against the back wall. Oops. These things happen though, at least we can learn from them, eh? And let’s face it, I did do pretty well at getting the phoenix out of harm’s way so it could have been a lot worse. I have to believe this. I might have been let off a little for bringing class-specific packed lunches for all party members at the start. Yeah, I’m nice like that, the group is searching for a tank, I’m going to do a bit of fishing and withdraw some extra snacks from the guild bank because no-one else is taking them.

I was, however, left with the excruciating experience of helplessly having to watch the rest of my party carrying on, two others dying and the remaining members dangerously low on health by the time Kael was about to pop his clogs. When he finally died, that was my chance to breathe out. No real gear of any use to any of the party members (two rogues, shaman healer, warrior tank) dropped throughout the whole instance but I could tell the appearance of Phoenix Hatchling dropping at the bitter end had everyone going for the need icon. Guess who won? Yay, the career low-roller! Behold:

The cutest hatchling

This one won’t be joining the growing collection of companions in the bank for some time, that much I know. Now what to call her?

MgT, as it’s finally becoming known on our server (MT is and always will be Mana Tombs, thankfully people are beginning to realise this), wasn’t made any easier by the fact that we’re only within a week of the new patch and there’s still people that don’t have a working version of Omen, the only threat meters I had to go by was my own. Add to that the fact that damage meters are still outdated so I can’t see how effective I’m being with the only possible consolation being that everyone else in the party probably can’t see how ineffective I’m being. I suppose.

Awards have to be handed out for the prettiness of the instance, you have to hand it to the blood elves, they know a thing or two about how to make places look palatial, must be all that time they save by not eating, although the environmental challenge of tight corridors, trees and fancy bits abounds resulting in a higher element of Stuff In My View Syndrome than any other instance I’ve seen. The only other thing I would add is: Mmmm! Cut-scenes. More of them in Lich King please!

So, yeah, woo! Frantic and panicky fun for all the family! I look forward to being able to do a few guild runs before I even dare stepping foot in the heroic difficulty.