Before the new patch comes out and the number of daily quests doable per day is increased by fifteen, I’m forced to ask myself; do I have the time for more daily quests? Seriously? Okay, I still have the regular quests to go through and will not stop until I’ve done them all (I’m level 70, there’s money to be made and experiences to have, so “boo” to the people that say questing gets boring at the level cap), but here’s my daily quest run-down so far which, mostly, takes place at 2am when the “day” “begins”.

Cooking: Whatever it is, it’s usually pretty easy. Unless I’m sent to Netherstorm to collect mana berries in which case it’s so ludicrously easy it almost feels cruel. To be honest I’m still holding out for the recipe for Kibler’s Bits which hasn’t turned up yet. Kitty loves them so much. Nevertheless, 7g, not a problem.

Skyguard; Skettis: Bombing the eggs is pretty easy and fun, provided I don’t get knocked off my mount by those annoying Kaliri birds. The cooking quest Revenge Is Tasty! goes well here, making the very idea of attracting negative Kaliri attention a more productive act (with the slight downside of eating into my carried stock of delicious, agility-boosting Warp Burgers). Thanks to Cartographer, I have the three spawn points of the prisoner for the daily escort quest marked on the map so it’s just a matter of doing the bombing while flying between these points and hoping that, while doing the escort, that I don’t get killed by a brave, brave Horde player while also dealing with three Skettis minions. Outside that, 20g, in the bag. Thanks!

Ogri’la: Now comes the problematic bit. The Relic’s Emanation requires me to grab an opened envelope (thanks to bills, also seemingly a daily quest, I’m never short of them) and a pen and write down all the sequences after the first four so that I don’t get horribly confused. Memory is a tricky area. Trivial things that happened over ten years ago, not a problem, what I had for breakfast half an hour after eating it, slightly more of a problem. Oh god, I’m senile. The increased speed buff does come in handy later though. Banish More Demons isn’t much of a problem except for that damning moment when a demon falls, dead, to the ground just a split-second after the portal times out. Lovely! The cooking quest for Super Hot Stew cooking quest can be paired up with this one too.

Skyguard; Blade’s Edge: Wrangle More Aether Rays is pretty dull and something that is done as quick as possible just to get it out of the way, and made more annoying by the fact that it’s hard to see what’s going on when there’s a number of aethers tethered behind you. Grr. Bomb Them Again! on the other hand is… a hell of a lot more fun than it used to be. Having spent a couple of weeks following the Thottbot advice of getting to the cannon-stacks on foot, mounting, bombing and then quickly dismounting, this quest had the same level of enjoyment as the Aether debacle. It was slow and painful. However, having started using the 15% speed increase buff (mentioned earlier, remember) to bob and weave, climb and dive through the flak to bomb the stacks while trying to stay mounted and it’s probably the most fun quest in the game. My current record for stack bombed without being shot down is six, although the fun is trying to beat that record. Ha! It’s almost a game in itself!

On top of it all, having the various members of the Skyguard paying me lovely compliments like “Hey, it’s our flying ace Anj!” when I walk past them is so sweet. I love those guys. “I heard Anj isn’t a nugget anymore!” is something that I’m assuming is a Top Gun reference, why! They all are! But I’m not sure. A nugget? Was I ever a nugget? I never felt like a nugget. Nugget?

Then there’s the PvP daily, only if it isn’t Warsong Gulch, and the daily dungeons that can be done if I manage to get myself in a good group, and that’s a day packed full of daily quests. There’s fishing quests a-coming, more on the new island, and others besides! Hay-ulp! How do I find the time? I have a life you know! Ha ha! Okay, that was a joke. No I don’t.

(newspaper bundle pic by Jgregor and shared under a Creative Commons license)