The very last of Anj’s green items has finally been replaced! Obviously an occasion as momentous as this requires a more or less instant replace-and-vendor move, thereby removing my ability to even remember what it was, and The Armory has already uncharacteristically updated to reflect the change. Suffice to say it was a pretty good necklace (and, with pretty good, I mean that it just managed to out-stat the Choker Of Bloodied Feathers back in the day, hence it being around my neck in the first place), but nevertheless a regular quest reward and, even-lesser the never, was green.

Taking the heroic Slave Pens’ Quagmirran and giving him the slap he so righteously deserved resulted in a giddy-epic Adamantite Chain of the Unbroken falling out of his pocket. So that’s where he was hiding it! A slight drop in agility, but a much-needed boost to my recently-diminished critical strike chance and I’m dancing. A lucky greed roll also got me detailed instructions on how to cut a Balanced Nightseye gem and, given the amount of money I’ve paid for these in the past, any jewel-crafter seeing it on the auction house is going to have to expect to part with some heavy money for it. I am sure that jewellers can use their spare masses of gold as a thrown weapon, I’m never going to get an epic flying mount and yet you can spot anyone good with jewels by the brand new iPod they’re carrying.

Also acquired today for Anj’s ever more powerful raid outfit were honour points spent on PvP bracers to bolster up her stamina, enchanted and socketed for a total of +40 attack power, a mini +7 agility for gloves, and mats gathered and posted to Powdor for a Knothide Armor Kit for boots. Well, they are still PvP boots, if I’m going to spend money enchanting them with anything it’ll be something more suitable for the battlegrounds or, who knows, maybe one day, even arena (gusp!).

Now to set my sights on Warp Splinter. He’s going to hate me. The normal difficulty still owes, yes owes, me a Beast Lord Cuirass which I don’t really need because I have the set bonuses tied up in the four pieces I wear already but, hey, I want to complete the set! We can do nothing if not coordinate, dammit. Meanwhile the heroic version of him is hiding some natty epic Beast Lord-matching boots from me and he should think again before being mean about those as well.

Maybe I should let him know that I know his mum and he should play fair or I’m going to tell…

(photograph is by blugrn and shared under a Creative Commons license)