It’s been quite a recent discovery for me, this Alchemist’s Stone. A pretty happy one too, having been quite jealous of a leatherworking friend’s access to fancy drums, it was looking like alchemy not only had crafted results that often sell for less than the ingredients required to make them, but also had nothing special as a reward for students of the discipline. A 375-maxed skill level or not, I was seriously toying with the idea of throwing in the towel. Okay, semi-seriously, that kind of “should I?” without actually going ahead and wasting all that work. I still enjoy turning up to instancs with free potions for other members when I can (my cooking skill also fulfils this) so, money aside, I like the kindness element.

So anyway, a chance visit to a reputation vendor revealed it to me and, straight away, I knew had had to reserve my cooldowns from that day forth until it was created and placed safely in one of my trinket slots. The Fel Lotus I already have in the bank, obviously the Philosopher’s Stone stays about my person, leaving just an Earthstorm Diamond, Skyfire Diamond and five Primal Mights to get and, weee! A tastylicious +15 to all stats even before a druid comes anywhere near me! Snoopy dance!

My bank character has been a source of bag space for any and all green gems that I come across, so the Earthstorm Diamond was transmuted pretty much straight away. Then I thought, hey, I’m planning on taking up the transmutes mastery anyway, wouldn’t it be wiser to buy the extra Primal Mights I need to complete that quest and surely, surely, it will be a shorter road between me and the me that has this epic trinket? Yes, I did just call you Shirley.

So that’s what I did. And, so far, one Skyfire Diamond and two Primal Mights have failed to yield anything more than the expected results. I’m not happy. A guild member who chose to specialise in potions got four mana potions from the mats of one on his first go, and they’re not subjected to a 23hour cooldown between goes.

It’s imbalanced is what it is! And not in the good way!

(picture is from Carla216 and is shared under a Creative Commons license)