Update of recent happenings: Having scouted around Eastern Plaguelands to stock up on Dreamfoil, I decided to take Anj for a ride up to the Ghostlands, primarily to get the flight-path from Zul’Aman. Our guild is nowhere near ZA stage yet but, you know, while I’m in the area. But then OUTRAGE occurred! I could have, if I so wished, flown from Zul’Aman back to Stormwind! Or indeed any other Eastern Kingdoms flight path that I knew of! Great for Alliance (which it is) but I had thought that the depressing lack of flight options for Blood Elves in that area were probably due to the fact that there’s a loading screen betwixt Eastern Plaguelands and Ghostlands but, no! Alliance can go where they like, Horde have to take a massive detour. Quite glad I’m mainly Alliance and just a tourist Horde but then, having said that, I still like to think I’m all about the fairness.

While I was up there, my mind whooshed back to the days of questing in the area with Tori and reminded myself of that group of vain Blood Elves that gave me a quest to go and kill a camp of night elves. Well, let’s see how much they like a visit from an epic-geared, level 70 night elf then. They didn’t too much. After that, there was a party to crash in Eversong Woods, and the chance to feel all evil while multi-shotting sections of the party while the remaining revellers drank, laughed, chatted amongst each other and didn’t even so much as bat an eyelid!

On the Horde side, a skull-level Alliance warrior in raid-looking gear spent about two hours hanging around Nesingwary Jr’s camp killing everyone that came close and generally being a total pain. I got my own back, in a way, when searching for Bhag’thera and found a same-level Alliance warlock had only just, by a split second, beaten me to him. Well, the trouble I had getting there and thoughts of mucking about with waiting for respawns, I was left with no option but to kill the warlock and then “bag” the panther for myself, quickly accepting an invite from another blood elf with the same quest while doing it. Evil cackle. Normally, killing the opposing faction while they’re in the middle of a fight with something else is on my “lame kills” list and wouldn’t do it, but I was all cross from the Nesingwary troubles so, morally, I win. Almost.

On a side note, interestingly, the Firefox spell-checker suggests “Hemingway” as an alternative to “Nesingwary”. How very thoughtful of them to help with the cultural references.

Tori is level 38 now, money for the mount is made and safe in the hands of the bank character, there’s only the small problem of one and a half bars of Darkspear Troll reputation to go. I saw the Violet Raptor mount and it so-o-o-o must be mine.