Black Morass with the usual suspects of Ghem, Powdor, Tumbler and Juels was, in a word, stressful, and yet we did it with nary even a wipe nor need for the Soulstone beyond comfortable insurance, which proves that we rock if nothing else does. Seriously, this little team of ours has powered through instances in our raggy-doll style that have been hugely problematic with other groups I’ve been in (just don’t mention Shadow Labyrinth, please). Talk and confusion over what we should do and who should do what were diffused before we “activated” the timer by me simply saying “Let’s just… do what we do”.

And we did, because, as previously stated, we rock. Medivh’s shield was barely scratched by the time he called the orcs through portal in a scene very reminiscent of that episode of Doctor Who with the Cybermen. More Karazhan keys for the guild, look at us, we’re making progress! Again!

Alysha’s tailoring was teetering suggestively at 374 a couple of hours before the instance and it was decided that the extra point was needed to make the robe that completes the set of Frozen Shadoweave boots and shoulders, along with my usual, self-imposed motherly responsibility to cook up some delicious, stat-boosting packed lunches for everyone. With the general neglect shown towards Alysha in the last few months there was a desperate need to get hold of some Shadowcloth by any means possible, mainly the auction house to be honest. I managed to get a total of four crafted using my own and an old friend’s cooldown and… the rest was bought. Along with the Primal Water. And some of the Netherweb Spider Silk. Eesh. Cherrytea’s carefully saved bank character revenue took a hell of a beating.

But I got the robe and, lo! It goes okay with the tabard! Hurray!