Cut this down to a long-story-short: Player asks for an alchemist in trade chat, I pipe up with help, he asks for an Earthstorm Diamond, I tell him that my “transmute thing” (it’s just easier to call it that) is on cooldown and I could do it for him in – oh – say 22hours, he says okay and offers the send me the mats plus 10g fee, I say hold on there Captn. McTrustypants, you don’t even know me, I could totally rip you off (I mean, I wouldn’t, not ever, but he doesn’t know that) , he says okay. A couple of hours later, in my postbox are all the things required to make an Earthstorm Diamond plus 10g in cash money. Blimey!

On a similar note, a guy I was doing Steamvaults with the other day asked if anyone did tailoring. “I have an alt that does!” I said, and without another word he traded me about seventy pieces of Netherweave Cloth. I thanked him for his kindness and, to make it worthwhile to him, asked if he wanted any 16-slot bags, to which he said he wanted two and I could keep the rest for myself. I made a note of his name and, straight after the instance, logged on to Alysha, crafted the bags and posted them to him – because, you know, I promised. I got a letter from him today telling me he was grateful and he also seemed genuinely surprised that I’d actually sent them.Sometimes I get the impression with WoW that a lot of people, given half the chance and zero consequences (like the ones that might occur in what we lovingly call “the real world”), would rob you blind of everything that isn’t screwed down, everything that is and the screws. I dunno, maybe I’m just overly paranoid, but either way it’s nice to Not Be That in my own dealings.