Two factors can spoil the otherwise reasonably fun diversion for money and honour that is the daily PvP quests. These two factors, as they were today, are being Alliance and being told to win Warsong Gulch. There’s something very sulky-looking about a sitting male night elf and it’s not surprising to find that the WsG battlemaster in Shattrath City has adopted this stance, the poor guy loves his forest (and, hey, short-sighted, wood-wasting horde aside, who doesn’t?) and his side always fails to properly defend it. So he sits and he sulks.

Anywho, among the four matches that were played before the Alliance win, I managed to pass the seven-kay lifetime kills mark. Joot! Milestone!

7,000 Lifetime Honourable Kills. Check it.

Later, I was invited to a reputation run through the Steam Vaults by a fellow guildie, the very same guildie, mind, that not more than a few days previously had implied, nay, accused, during a chat about Karazhan-suitable gear, me of being at the bottom of the damage meters the last time I’d run the instance with him. Now, I can’t remember for sure and don’t have any screenshots but I found it highly doubtful unless the other DPS members had the kind of raid gear on that made such a meagre instance beneath them to the point of hilarity. Would I accept the invite? Damn right I would, I have my pride.

Steam Vaults, damage meters.

We did two runs in total, the first (on the left), way ahead, can you see? For the second run it became a little more of a challenge, having had one member leave and taken on a hunter to fill the gap. This started out a fluctuating neck and neck, with me falling behind a little when, during a spat with the first boss I proved myself to be a massive plum by… falling off the bridge, perhaps not causing the resulting wipe outright (after all, the elemental that I had seriously miffed off left the rest of the group to find me in the water below, by no means a short journey) but certainly not helping matters much.

And then, on the way back to our position, hunter #2 gave me an Elixir of Major Agility and, my friend, you just lost yourself the top of the damage charts. Let that be a lesson to people.

Guild plans have been in place since the beginning of the week to do Arcatraz tomorrow night. Should be interesting to see how (if) that turns out.