Back when I was doing pretty much full-time PvP with the Marksmanship spec, I found that my kitty just wasn’t holding the aggro my boosted attack power was generating when I took a breather with some regular questing. So I tamed a boar from Blasted Lands, bringing my Horde piggy name NotoriousPIG to Alliance, and started levelling him from a lowly level 49, ideally up to 70. The good thing about the boars is that they have the charge skill which creates a massive amount of aggro from the start, it would be entirely possible to use a flame-thrower, point blank, at the mob’s face and it wouldn’t make a hint of difference to their attention level towards you.

However, I seem to have been leaving him in the stable stuck at level 61 a lot recently because, never mind the last patch boost to pet XP gain, it’s been going so-o-o-o-o slo-o-o-o-ow! Back in the comfortable home of Beast Mastery again, GirlsVsWorld is doing fine and she’s so much cuter. Having had her from the mid-20’s she’s impossible to get rid of now. We’re too close.

With only three available stable slots, it only gives the opportunity to keep two pets and leave one slot free for going out into the world petless in order to tame new beasts for the skills. Maybe I need to put Notorious out to pasture and think about a more PvP battleground pet. A lot of people seem to recommend a Scorpid, I don’t know though…They’re not that cute are they?