Having been working my way through my perpetually-packed quest log recently, I’ve come to a point where all but two of my quests are now group ones. Time to get in the LFG channel and start pimping myself to get some of these done. Okay, let’s go.

I found a group quite quickly for the Blade’s Edge Mountains Ogri’la pre-req quests, namely Grulloc Has Two Skulls, Even Gronn Have Standards and Maggoc’s Treasure Chest, leading to Grim(oire) Business and Into The Soulgrinder finally taking me to Ogre Heaven. We all did them pretty quickly, thanks to two people in the group having already done them, but it did mean there was a lot of quick flying from location to location and not really knowing what was going on other than to point my arrows at a target and shoot like crazy. I can remember that “…Soulgrinder” was particularly manic with targeting, firing, retargeting all while clicking on a book in my inventory which I think made all the attacking ogres run away in fear but I’m not that sure, I was just told to use it every time the cooldown finished and I did as I was told, sir, yes sir. And taking down that Maggoc was a delight since, despite his size, he’s crept up and killed me on so many occasions. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to make a move and murder one back. Yeah.

Albeit with lamentably little time to stop and smell the flowers (or, more accurately, time to stop and actually read the quest notes), the job did get done and yay! I’m doin’ okay with the smart ogres in Ogri’la with the pocket protectors and scientific calculators. I’ve heard they have good faction rewards. Yay!

Edit: Add the second fragment of the Karazhan key yoink’d from Arcatraz (we didn’t manage to finish the final encounter, but still), and back with my original buddies Powdor and Ghem for completion of Massacre At Gruul’s Lair and Shutting Down Manaforge Ara and it’s been a pretty productive day. And all I did was stare at a glowing rectangle.