Anj’s collection of Beast Lord Armor pieces has grown to include the leggings, thanks to a reasonably quick reputation-run through the Steam Vaults with a fellow guildie. Another Hunter came along but he had previously been so kind as to get better gear anyway so he wasn’t interested in competing on the roll. All mine! Only the chest and gloves remain and, since I’ve had a set-piece drop on each of the three recent instance visits I just know it’s going to be another million runs before any other part of the set drops.

I heard somewhere (may have been Epic Dolls) about people’s superstitions while playing WoW and the idea struck me as being silly almost straight away, but do you see what I did up there? Openly, in text, with my fingers, suggesting a huge number of instance runs in a vain attempt to reverse-psychology the whole universe into making it untrue. I also confidently expect all my bank character’s post to be expired auctions because, if I do that, it’ll be successful sales all the way. So I was silly to think the idea of WoW superstitions are silly. I think it’s super silly to think that bad things will happen if I walk underneath ladders, but do I do it? No, sir. I’ve also never said “Candyman” five times to a mirror. I’m not crazy.

Tori, 29Also, just a bit of dabbling with Tori who has, for probably the first time since the Initiate gear at level 1, managed to cobble together a collection of coordinating clothes. Dervish Boots with a keen agility enchantment dropped from some mob or another leaving only my Tranquillen quest reward Ghostclaw Leggings to ruin the forest green theme I had going. I quick look to the auction house with my new-found Horde riches and there they were, Dervish Leggings (also agility-boosted) for a mere 1g 99s. Sold to the very hungry-looking girl down the front!

Good days and bad days, today was a good day. Maybe it’s all karma, since I helped one of my guild officers with the final part of the Nesingwary quest line in Nagrand and he got his super new gun, after a few days of unsuccessfully trying to get the Coilfang Needler from the second Slave Pens boss. While he went to have his dinner, I quickly gathered mats and got another guild member to craft him a Knothide Shot Pouch to keep his bullets in. Maybe it was karma, or maybe that’s just the superstitions again. OMG, just go around the ladders please!