Setting up a bank character should probably be rule #1 for profiteering in WoW, everything that was there before it, just shift it all down one. Not only is it so much easier to get to a postbox than it is to hearthstone or fly to a capital to sell items, but keeping all the money made in the possession of the bank character as an emergency pocket money fund allows you to see just exactly how effective your business ventures have been.

Just checked my Horde bank character today, selling items found in the field by Tori at a mere level 28, through a mix of good ol’ fashioned killing and her (still) pretty low level mining and skining skills, so we’re not talking about anything super high-level here and all-in-all it came to a cool 30g, give or take a few silver. 10g of that came from a single Iridescent Pearl and a stack of Wool Cloth which is crazy spendin’ on someone’s part but I’m a-no complainin’.