I’ve noticed a bizarre thing with playing a Horde character. As Alliance, if I see a lower level Horde running around, nine times out of ten I’ll leave them alone and let them go about their day. You’ve got to pity them, really. Bad enough being Horde then they have to contend with people randomly shooting at them when they’re trying to get stuff done. It’s almost cruel. Carebear? Yup.

Playing the Horde character though, my mood changes from compassion to “For fu… KILL!” when faced with the opposing faction. I happened across a Draenei Shaman today, level 31 and me just a mere level 28. Now, first of all, I have nothing against the Draenei. They’re kind, warm, open-minded and above all decent people, with beautiful accents. And then there’s me (in this body), the bloody Blood Elf. Vain, narcissistic, selfish and, without a shadow of a doubt, a total bitch. Can you imagine what Shattrath city would be like if it was a Blood Elf capital city? All the Alliance forces and refugees would be camped out in the middle of the forest, that’s what it would be like. Draenei. Are. Decent. People.

And yet I fired, kited her around a bit and eventually won. Honour points for me, a heartfelt apology for the Draenei, and went back on my way. I’ll do my bit in battlegrounds for whatever faction I’m playing, but the last time I was in Arathi Basin as Horde, Alliance won and I was all like “Yay Alliance!”. Honestly, I was happy with the result.

Alliance 4 Life, you see. I just can’t be held responsible for things I do while my brain is clouded with Horde doctrine in world PvP. I still feel sorry for that poor Shaman.