I’m not what you could permissibly call a Star Trek fan, although I’ve lived with a few and read enough web comics to know it’s a pretty sturdy geek reference. Plus I thought of the headline and liked it, so I went with it. Okay? That’s that out of the way.

So! Last night, Shadow Labyrinth take two. Alliance had the Bone Wastes towers secured for six peachy keen hours, a PUG was advertised and filled inside of fifteen minutes with two priests, one shadow, one healer, along with guild-buddies Powdor and Ghem, and I’d popped out a bunch of handy potions for all team members. Everything seemed right. You know, even the warm breeze blowing through Shattrath that evening suggested that good things were a-comin’.

And, true to our gut feelings, we started well. All the mobs up to and including Ambassador Hellmaw fell like they were made of crisps. Ditto for Blackheart The Inciter. Problems began when it was Grandmaster Vorpil’s turn to feel the cold kick of our boots on his behind. After a couple of wipes, Powdor had to go to bed and an epic-geared mage was brought in to fill the gap.

There was a problem of communication here. The two additional party members suggested the best way to take Vorpil quickly and with as little trouble as possible from his army of spawning Voidwalkers but, well I didn’t get it and tanky Ghem certainly didn’t. It wasn’t until the mage came and explained that we pull him down the hallway in front of him until his first teleport back to his pedestal and THEN pull him the other way down the hallway behind him that it clicked into place. See, with the switch in pulling direction, all his currently-spawned exploding Voidies had a further distance to travel to get to him so we could better concentrate on giving him the spanking he so richly deserved instead of getting overwhelmed when he was carried back to them. So simple. So effective.

Only Murmur and the rows of stressed summoners trying to keep him in control stood between us and the first fragment of the Karazhan key. How hard can it be? I mean, a main boss named after an REM album? No offence, but dangle an absent drummer in front of him and he’s bound to get all miffed and take his ball home, right?

So of we went again, making short work of the leading mobs until we were down to the last three and then…


Oh. Then. How the memory stings.

I’d quickly nipped off to the side to grab the Ancient Lichens which I noticed were taking a hell of a long time to pick. This looked bad. The login screen and “Disconnected from server” window looked worse. Imagine how bad a hurried login to be faced with a completely reset instance looked?

Like I said, drop to your knees, arms out, shouting upward, with genuine despair, to the heavens. Do it with feeling, this is your Oscar scene. We want at least a nomination, dammit.

Shadow Labs, attempt three is coming up. /cry.