Anj atop her new RamTaking a brief hiatus from the PvP battlegrounds, I have missed the joy of spending honour points and marks for shiny new items. So with stacks of medals in my bank and no chance of them going anywhere, I splashed out and got myself a brand new mount. The Black War Cat had a nice ring to it, but being Night Elf I have an epic cat mount anyway. My warlock has her flame’n’hooves epic horsie and there’s no equine beast that’s ever going to top that, which only leaves the Black War Ram. Thankfully I think they look pretty cool.

No Black War Ellek though. Booo! I’d love one of those. Maybe I should rep-grind in the Draenei start area, compare notes with my Blood Elf experiences while doing it.

As for Shattrath, post-patch? No real difference.