Levelling a Hunter, have you forgotten how fun it is?

Apparently I had. With a little dabblin’ here and there, I’ve shifted Tori up to level 27, having moved out from the safe territory of the start areas and out to Hillsbrad. Things that have happened are:

Thing the First: I tamed another pet, this time a boar (on the advice of BRK for its impressive tanking skills) and not just any old boar, heavens no. When I last looked at Tori for any decent length of time, it was around September last year and I made it my hungover Sunday project to travel to Darkshore and bag me a cute Ghost Saber. It’s a pretty hard one to get at level 21 for an Alliance player, for Horde it’s like a mini badge of honour. So for the boar, I decided that a trip to Lakeshire was on the cards for a fresh, shiny Bellygrub. Surprisingly little resistance was met along the way on both occasions, having tamed one and named it “Bellygrub” before preferring the name “NotoriousPIG” forcing me to go all the way back the next day, ready to tame. So yay! Two Alliance pets.

Thing the Second: Been deeply miffed at the being unable to fly from Tarren Mill to Grom’Gol, what’s that all about? Not only is Silvermoon pretty much cut-off from the rest of the world (no wonder it’s quiet around there, the enchanted sweeping brushes carry on regardlessly but there’s NOTHING TO SWEEP) but I have to fly to The Undercity, and then get a zeppelin which is no mean feat considering that Undercity does my face in like a four-dimensional Sudoku, with its tiers and segments and rivers of sick. And I thought The Exodar was hard to navigate. Come back, all is forgiven.

Clearly The Undercity is something I just need to get used to, have to keep remembering that Ironforge confused me at first and keep cursing my poor sense of direction. Other than that it’s a beautifully designed city, and flying in isn’t so bad because the route the bats take through the sewers take is really cool, not entirely unlike flying into Ironforge but plenty more adventurous. Yep, I can see that every little textured block in the Forsaken’s home patch was placed with love and pride.

Thing the Younger, daughter of Thing II and known to her friends as “Ting”: I’ve made a decent amount of money from the skinning and mining! With no high level alts on the server to send a relief package in the post, I still think I’ll be equipped with mount come level 40. Just have to get my rep up with the trolls, those Blood Elf mounts just look stupid. Me and my Alliance buddies always have a pretty good laugh when we see them strutting around. See: Bernie Clifton.

    And… there. I think that’s it. Nice to see that Horde has its fair share of pure idiots like Alliance. I was led to believe (by some) that Horde attracted the more mature players while all the while thinking that Horde was a magnet to the scrotey 13 year old boys who like to think they’re badasses. I think the latter is becoming increasingly more true.