Wintersong has been out for some much needed exercise, clearing up a few quests in Duskwood (or is it Darkshire? Darkshire is the zone, and Duskwood is the town? Or is it Darkshire? Ow! My head!) and, basically going from a long-standing level 30 to a mean and keen level 32. In this time two things happened:

Item the one, she got her first honour points! A couple of stupid Horde were trying their damned hardest to make life a misery for the good adventurers of, oh now just hang on … Dusk… Shire? But me and another druid, fresh from killing Mor’Ladim, put a stop to that! They never stood a chance. Psh! Stupid Horde.

Item the two, with the training at level 32, she finally (I say again: FINALLY!) got a decent finishing move for cat-form combo points. The equivalent of the rogue’s Eviscerate ability (which I’m *sure* they learn before level 10) finally comes to me. It bothered me on a number of levels, not least of which a finishing move that applies a damage over time is not something that has any business being at the end of a fight, it is at best a mid-way move, leaving the rest of the fight building up extra combo points that have nowhere to go. With Druid as with Rogue, I get perhaps more bothered than I should when I kill something that has spare combo points.

Next stop: Blizzard have worked very hard on all the new quests in Dustwallow Marsh, it would be rude to not at least have a look.