So, taking a night off work, plans were made to arrange some kind of instance visit tonight, specifically Shadow Labs so we could get our first fragment of the Karazhan key. Live! Tonight! Sold out! 8.30pm! Well, wouldn’t you know it, the vast majority of our new-found guild members had other things to do, so me, Powdor and Ghem had to search for others.

From the base team of warrior (Ghem), hunter (me) and druid (Powdor), we started with a mage and another druid, although we were barely out of the first room when extra druid got huffy about something and left during one of those times when I was pre-occupied with something other than the chat window. /shrug, who knows?

Along came another mage pretty quickly, just as the other mage was saying something about his router being rubbish and may disconnect which, to me, seems to auto-translate to “Okay, I might get bored and disconnect but that’s rude, so what I’ll do is say it’s my router’s fault, m’kay?”. Yeah it may have been the router – who am I to say? – but sure enough, a little while later, out dropped the first mage.

There’s something about this instance, the last time I did it with Alysha there were so many line-up changes throughout that only me and one other player were of the original team by the time the final boss fell. But I digress…

Anyway, to fill in the missing slot, we convinced our current guild recruiter to dust down his lvl67 paladin for a change since he’s become (annoyingly) more preoccupied with levelling his hunter – like I need more hunters competing with me for raid drops. Psh! And so close to level 70 too! It’s a disgrace, that’s all it is.

We started bad, like, really bad, but as soon as we got back into the swing of things from an extended period away in PvP lands, we were working like some kind of a proper party! Plenty of /cheers and /hugs along the way to top up the love and the rest of the time filled with extreme mob death.

The first and second bosses posed no real problems but when we wiped on the penultimate boss, a few people in the party were beginning to yearn for bed-time so we were forced to left it there, sadly. Yep, kind of an anti-climax, really. We didn’t get our key fragment but we did well all the same and learned a few lessons for when the inevitable revisit comes around. And a revisit there will be. Start quakin’ Shadow Labyrinth mobs. Yeah, you’re marked for life now!

We can do it. We’re hard as nails!

Also, it was my birthday! And check out the nifty t-shirt I got which, yes, I shall wear with pride.